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Our passion is to bring you the best quality wines from Croatia and all around the world, at sensible prices, delivered to your door, yacht... absolutely free in Dubrovnik area.

Our Service Lists

  • Great selection of Croatian and foren wines i stock
  • Quick supply wines that are not currently in stock
  • Fast door to door delivery
  • Creating wine list
  • Free use of wine coolers (hotels, restaurants)

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Oniks trgovina doo
Na moru 18
20236 Mokošica
Tel/Fax: +385 (0)20 313 737
Mob: + 385 (0)91 15 05 978

Email: info@onikstrgovina.com
Email: oniks.trgovina@du.t-com.hr
Facebook page: Oniks trgovina doo
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About Oniks trgovina d.o.o.


We desire to offer you Croatian wines of the highest quality as well as other outstanding wines from all around the world - all at resonable prices. We will deliver them directly to your place of accommodation – a hotel, apartment, yacht ...anywhere you want... Free of charge in Dubrovnik area! We also stock a wide selection of domestic and imported champagnes. We cooperate with the best Croatian wine producers, such as the Kozlović Winery, the Grgić Winery, the Miloš Winery, the Zlatan Otok Winery, the Skaramuča Winery, the Vujnović Winery and many more... When celebrating or hosting a special occasion, or just relaxing on holidays or after a hard days work, you will be delivered our best wines promptly. We are at your disposal at any time, you are always welcome to contact us with your order.

We are the official distributors for the Dubrovnik-Neretva County:


The Kozlović philosophy is embodied in the family's history, a family that knew how to hold together, working towards a common goal; nurturing the value of their toils, effort, resolution and competence. Their work and development is based, in this regard, on an innate inclination to live beyond the borders and conquer new horizons in the world of wine making.This history, adopted by the descendants as their own, continues and finds its confirmation from day to day, bonding the past, present and future.


To know wine and to know how to evaluate its sensory attributes is a part of the general oenological culture of every wine lover. Allow me then to acquaint you with the wines we create and nurture.


Vjekoslav Vujnović vineyards are in Sućuraj on the island of Hvar, in a zone where there is no industry.

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Special offer

Wines at special prices (the price includes VAT).

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A large selection of domestic and foreign wines are delivered free to your address and rapid acquisition of wines that are currently not in stock (mostly imported wines), and the best prices will make your selection and purchase of wine extremely quick and easy.

With the offer of wine, for hoteliers and caterers we help in making wine lists with the help and recommendations of our somellier.

If you decide to choose us as your wine vendor, we are able to offer you a special wine cooler, which not only beautify your interior than it makes a waitress job easier and it also keeps wines at the proper serving temperature.

Our Services

Great selection of Croatian and foren wines i stock
Quick supply wines that are not currently in stock
Fast door to door delivery
Creating wine list
Free use of wine coolers (hotels, restaurants)


Wine is a mild tranquilizer, relieves tension and anxiety. As part of the diet, it improves digestion and stimulates appetite. Optimal consumption of wine, which means two glasses per day for men and one for women, reducing the risk of heart failure in middle-aged from 30-50%. Red wine helps the body does not produce cholesterol, because it is a particularly rich source of antioxidants, flavonoids, which are found in the skin and seeds, which reduce cholesterol and protect the arteries. Certain wine ingredients help reduce the effects of a diet rich in fats.

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Oniks trgovina doo
Na moru 18
20236 Mokošica
Tel/Fax:+385 (0)20 313 737
Mob: +385 (0)91 15 05 978

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